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Although the name Salsa was first coined in New York City, the dance has its roots in Cuba. A blending of the Haitian “danzón”, the African “rhumbas”, the Cuban “són”, and the Spanish “troubadour”, Salsa is more a compilation and blending of many other Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance styles. Centuries ago, Caribbean dancers began to dance the Salsa as a blending of their cultures. In the 1930s, when large numbers of Caribbean people immigrated to New York, they brought their dance with them. By the 1950s, the Salsa was vastly popular throughout New York City. Salsa is generally danced with a single partner, although it is sometimes danced in large groups where frequent partner exchanges can occur during a single song. The improvisational and social elements to the dance have made it very popular in recent years for those looking for a fun night out at a dance club. The music of the Salsa is typically complex African-influenced percussion rhythms ranging from 70 to 140 beats p...

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